Spit Bridge Blockaded once again – Aussies demand rehoming of flood survivors

What: 5 People strike again at the north Sydney Spit Bridge peak hour pinch point. With #Floodproof Australia banners. 

Location: Spit Bridge, The Spit, North Sydney 

Time: Happening now – 8:30 am 14/3/22
Video statement:

Scott Morrison PM declared a ‘National Emergency’ last Wednesday in Lismore. ““We introduced the power to make a national emergency declaration after the Black Summer bushfires and it will ensure our Ministers and agencies don’t face any unnecessary bureaucracy as they roll out what communities need.” 

This announcement comes as many Black Summer survivors remain homeless. There have been no guarantees of rehoming survivors of floods. Our government is Missing In Action. 

Ms Dee Mould, Lismore resident says:
“I’ve lost everything. Lismore looks like a war-zone. Over 1000 families are now climate refugees needing asylum. We need to be rehomed immediately. I feel betrayed that the government has failed us. We’re begging for your help.”

Fireproof Australia is a desperate response to the need of Aussies now made homeless, suffering from climate collapse (floods). We have three no-brainer demands for our government:

1. Immediately re-homing flood and bush fire survivors and ensuring that no one is left behind – more than two years in tents and caravans is too long
2. Securing an Aussie-owned aerial tanker fleet to fight fires
3. Installing effective air filters in schools, aged care and disability facilities

**The NSW and Federal Governments has not responded to these demands

In 2022 Australians need deeds not words. 

Fireproof Australia strikes again, as Floodproof Australia, shutting down the Spit Bridge in peak hour this morning. Demanding Aussies homes rebuilt immediately, this is a response to the catastrophic flooding happening on the east cost. 

We have a set of demands the government must meet. Until they do we are committed to non-violent disruption proportionate to the suffering we’re facing from these unnatural disasters.

Last Thursday we asked commuters travelling south on the Harbour Bridge to help us ensure everyone displaced by fire and flood are rehomed as two women blocked the western distributor. After more than 24 hours in custody one of the women plead guilty to all charges and received $800 in fines, the other plead not guilty and will appear in the Downing Centre court on March 25.

See Previous Spit Bridge Block. Two weeks earlier we asked the people of Northern Sydney to help us secure the Aussie owned firefighting fleet as we sat in the road blocking Spit Bridge.

We asked the people of the inner-west in Sydney to help us Floodproof Australia as we blocked the peak-hour traffic through King Street.

Fireproof Australia is going to block Sydney’s major roads consistently and non-violently, week after week until the government meets our reasonable demands. We call upon fellow concerned Aussies to join us.

~Together we win – for floods sake

#FloodproofAustralia #Lismore #FireFloodSmoke #FireproofAustralia
Press contact: 0435750814
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High quality photos and video footage available here:

Coordinator-General of National Emergency and Resilience Agency.
Phone: 0427182853 ||| Email:
Why we need to Floodproof & Fireproof Australia:

We face “Cascading, compounding and aggregate impacts on cities, settlements, infrastructure, supply-chains and services due to wildfires, floods, droughts, heatwaves, storms and sea-level rise”
IPCC sixth assessment report (February 2022)

“It’s like the bushfires have suddenly gone nuclear and we’ve only got conventional weapons.”
Greg Mullins, Former Fire and Rescue NSW Commissioner (AO, AFSM) (September 2021)

“80% of the population was affected by poor air quality during the 2019-2020 bushfires.”
Bushfire Royal Commission (October 2020)

“If you’re under 30 years old and you’re exposed to this level of pollution, your cognitive function declines by the same amount as ageing by 15 years.”
Dr La Nauze, University of Queensland (November 2021)

“What we do over the next three to four years, I believe, is going to determine the future of humanity.”
Professor Sir David King, former Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK government (February 2020)
Notes to Editors:
[1] About Fireproof Australia.
Fireproof Australia is a politically unaffiliated group of ordinary citizens calling on our federal government to respond urgently to the climate crisis by rehoming the survivors of floods and fires and securing an Australian-owned large aerial tanker fleet.

[2] Our demands:

Re-home the flood and bushfire survivors ||| #FloodProofAustralia
The federal government must immediately re-home flood and bushfire survivors – no one left behind.

#Fireproof Australia
The federal government must secure a self-sufficient, Australian-based and owned aerial firefighting fleet to defend us against longer fire seasons and the threat of mega fires.

Smoke-proof our schools, aged care and disability facilities ||| #SmokeproofAustralia
The state and federal government acts on their duty of care to protect us from toxic bushfire smoke. Starting with the young and vulnerable by ensuring that all schools, aged care and disability facilities have effective air conditioning and air filtration.
[3] Forget 2050, experts say it’s 2030 or bust for net zero emissions
[4] Air pollution clouds brain performance and workforce productivity, November 2021
[5] ‘The world is burning’: how Australia’s longest-serving fire chief became a climate champion
[6] Bushfire royal commission hears that Black Summer smoke killed nearly 450 people

[7] IPCC 6th Assessment report

Fireproof Australia ‘Blue Lights’ policy: our policy is, and has always been to move out of the way for ambulances and fire trucks with ‘blue lights’ on. 

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