Fireproof Australia is a campaign of civil resistance proportional to the existential threat we face. We refuse to consider that it might already be too late. We choose instead to believe that if all of us act decisively now, we can indeed turn this crisis around. Join us to preserve some liveable future for generations to come. 

Why Fireproof Australia?

  • We’ve f**king burned, our lungs have filled with poisonous smoke, our houses have been burned and washed away and our country will be destroyed by climate breakdown if we don’t act.
  • We have been betrayed by our government and broken political system. Those in power are criminals willing to spend plenty of money on making the problems worse, denial and distractions, but not fixing it or telling the truth.
  • We have to honour those that are defending us, those that have been abandoned, and be prepared for the disasters that are coming our way.

The 2019-20 Black Summer bushfires killed 450 Australians either directly by the fires or from the toxic air that covered three of Australia’s major cities for weeks. Overall the fires burnt over 18 million hectares, destroyed 3113 homes, and killed 3 billion animals.

The Australian government’s response to the bushfires and the wider climate crisis has been insufficient. We have a plan.